Tuesday, October 29, 2013



  1. Very good, The brass dominance enhanced by the red works really fine and helps give a more martial vibe than with only steel. I like the hamlet pose too which adds some individuality and makes the guy stand from the others while making him look lonely, very good.
    One thing is the dark background, maybe it helps get the right colours with the photo and fits the ambiance, but its lacks a little contrast to apprecaite your colours but that's just my little opinion and the whole thing is splendid !
    Oh and youd bases with red soil and dark grey sides are just exactly what was needed for this.

  2. Love the colour scheme and the way that you have managed to impart some character to them. The way the lead Thallaxii is holding the skull as if it something he should remember.

  3. Great stuff!! Thanks for sharing the link at my Blog. I really like the Hamlet pose too. Giving the group one member who reacts to something with curiosity is a brilliant idea for a bunch of automatons.